The 7 best ticks to make your Orchids bloom

2. Water and fertilizer in appropriate doses

Fertilizantes caseros para orquídeas

Orchids are wild flowers that usually grow in tropical forests and swamps. So it is advisable to conserve them in environments with similar conditions. The pieces of bark do not retain the same amount of water as potting soil and absorb the moisture that the roots need. Also, because the bark is loose, the roots have all the space they need to flourish.

An excellent trick for getting your orchids to flower again is to give them liquid fertilizer every 15 days. It must necessarily be rich in phosphorus and potassium. In addition, during the blooming period it is necessary to stop using fertilizer and decrease the frequency with which you water the orchids.

Los 7 mejores ticks para hacer florecer tus Orquídeas

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