The 7 best ticks to make your Orchids bloom

4. Exposing orchids to light

Flor de la orquídea en jardín de orquídeas en invierno o día de ...

Where you place the orchid inside your home, office or study will be vital to its good health. The site should be chosen not only with the beauty of the location in mind, but also with the environmental conditions it will have. Therefore, a place with optimal conditions should be preferred to one where it simply looks good.

The sun’s rays are essential for the plants to flourish again, but not direct exposure to the sun. The best place for them is near windows and balconies where sunlight is not direct or can be filtered out by curtains.

It never hurts to check the colour of the orchid’s leaves: if they are yellow or spotty, it means that the plant is getting too much sun. If they are too dark, the opposite happens: the plant needs more light.

Los 7 mejores ticks para hacer florecer tus Orquídeas

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