The 7 best ticks to make your Orchids bloom

5. Create a thermal shock and avoid heat sources

Cómo cuidar una orquídea - Todo sobre las orquideas

The ideal place should be easily aerated to avoid crowded environments, but be careful with drafts that could cause your orchid flowers to fall.

The perfect place to keep your orchid should not be too dry, with a humidity level of 35-40%.

In autumn, therefore, when the daytime temperatures reach 15 degrees, take your orchid out on the balcony all day long. Then, when night falls, put them back indoors. Repeat this operation for a period of approximately one year.

Also remember to always keep your orchids away from heat sources. The plant should be placed away from radiators or fireplaces. Finally, if the temperature in your home exceeds 20 degrees, it is advisable to keep the orchids in cooler environments such as stairs or near windows.

Los 7 mejores ticks para hacer florecer tus Orquídeas

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