Is sushi as healthy as you think it is? We discovered all his secrets!

We are convinced that you think sushi is a type of food as healthy as recommended. Fresh fish has very positive health properties and its consumption cannot be negative, except in case of allergy. In addition, because they are small amounts, it is easier to maintain the line while enjoying its pleasant flavor.

What would you think if we told you that your usual use can alter your health? Would you like to know why sushi isn’t exactly a type of food you can eat as often as you think? Know the answers to these questions.

Why isn’t sushi a healthy meal?

Mainly because of its Westernization. As with Mexican or Hindu food, sushi has fallen victim to our tastes to become a substitute for what it really is.

In fact, have you found any sushi dishes composed exclusively of raw fish? Probably not. The reason is nothing more than that of the various additions that are used to give consistency to the fish. Please note that:

¿El sushi es tan sano como crees? ¡Descubrimos todos sus secretos!

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