He never suspected he was risking his life by rescuing an abandoned puppy


A Copperfield escape


The family came home the next day and when they went to the backyard to feed Neo, they couldn’t find him. They couldn’t believe it – had he really jumped the fence? It was ten feet high. It was impossible. Evidently, Neo had not jumped the fence, however, his escape this time had been even more remarkable.

Stronger than the rest

Neo had bitten through the new fence. A dog was not supposed to be able to tear apart such strong wood, but Neo had done it. Was Neo the strongest dog in the world? Was he really the one chosen as his counterpart in the movie? Or was there some hidden truth in the dog that the family had not yet discovered?

Nunca sospechó que estaba arriesgando su vida al rescatar a un cachorro abandonado

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