12 Foods That Are Very High in Omega-3

5. Oysters (329 mg per serving)

Shellfish are among the most nutritious foods you can eat.

Oysters contain more zinc than any other food on the planet. Just 6 raw eastern oysters (3 oz or 85 g) pack 289% of the DV for zinc, 69% for copper, and 567% for vitamin B12.

Oysters can be eaten as an appetizer, snack, or whole meal. Raw oysters are a delicacy in many countries.

Omega-3 content: 329 mg of EPA and DHA (combined) in 6 raw eastern oysters, or 391 mg per 3.5 oz (100 g)

6. Sardines ( 1,463 mg per serving)

Sardines are very small oily fish commonly eaten as appetizers, snacks, or delicacies.

They’re highly nutritious, especially when eaten whole. They contain almost every nutrient your body needs.

A 3.5-oz (100-g) serving of drained sardines provides more than 370% of the DV for vitamin B12, 24% for vitamin D, and 96% for selenium.

Omega-3 content: 1,463 mg of EPA and DHA (combined) per cup (149 g) of canned Atlantic sardines, or 982 mg per 3.5 oz (100 g)Sardines free home delivery - by

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