The 7 best ticks to make your Orchids bloom

6. How to prune your orchid

Cortar o no cortar la vara floral en las Orquídeas Phalaenopsis ...

Once you have been able to enjoy the beauty of your orchids and their flowers have fallen, you will have to prune the plant. To ensure that it continues to grow, it is important that it does not lose energy to dry sticks. If you prune them, you will allow them to start blooming again. To make sure you don’t cut them too short, look at the pseudobulbs (small buds on the stem) and cut the stem just below them.

Pruning, carried out in the right way, can help the orchid to produce new buds more easily and more quickly.

Los 7 mejores ticks para hacer florecer tus Orquídeas

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