Horoscope: all the worst flaws of zodiac signs

The study of stars is a set of beliefs and traditions that come from antiquity. All the most important ancient peoples have devoted time and energy to the study of celestial bodies and their meaning. The name of Greek origin means the “discourse of the stars” of astrology, Astron, star + logos, speech

That you believe in the stars or less, we’ve all gone to take a look at our horoscope at least once in a lifetime.
And everyone, at least once, has thought that what he read seemed to correspond to the truth.

Today you can find many people interested in this topic who are responsible for delivering predictions, interpretations and readings dictated by the positions of the stars; so much so that some of these characters become so popular as to appear on TV shows and newspapers around the world.

What cannot be done is to deny that some aspects seem to be very real and typical of those belonging to the various zodiacs. The demand of the virgin, the vanity of the lion and the passion for the travels of the Sagittarius. But his flaws?

Let’s look together, then, at what are the flaws of each sign of the zodiac

Horóscopo: todos los peores defectos de los signos del zodiaco

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