Diabetes and Skin Conditions


5.Necrobiosis Lipoidica
Necrobiosis means degeneration and death. Small, raised, red spots on your skin slowly grow larger and shinier and sometimes turn yellow. Your skin may thin and split, causing sores called ulcers. It can itch and hurt. But it’s very rare. Only 1 in 300 people with diabetes have it. It’s hard to treat, but prescription medications, injections, or lotions may help.


6.Eruptive Xanthomatosis
Uncontrolled diabetes can lead to breakouts of these pimply, waxy bumps on your feet, hands, arms, legs, and butt. Young males with type 1 diabetes are particularly likely to get them. The skin eruptions may be tender and itchy, but they’re not contagious. Talk to your doctor about how to better control your blood sugar levels. That should help ease the bumps as well.


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