He never suspected he was risking his life by rescuing an abandoned puppy


Strange behavior

The first thing they noticed was that the pet had become too attached to its new owner. Logically, the creature loved the 18-year-old boy who had taken it in and would do anything for him. However, it was not looking for anyone else in the family. It was strange behavior for a dog….

Loyalty has its limits

While dogs are incredibly loyal, this particular animal seemed far more loyal than any other dog in the world. Dogs are also known to like to receive affection, so it was very strange that this animal did not like to be petted by any other family member. They lived in the same house and also took care of the dog, however the animal did not want affection from anyone else.

Nunca sospechó que estaba arriesgando su vida al rescatar a un cachorro abandonado

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