He never suspected he was risking his life by rescuing an abandoned puppy


Something doesn’t add up

The older Neo got, the more obvious it became that something was wrong. However, his family couldn’t figure out what it was. They had loved Neo since he was a puppy and their affection did not allow them to see objectively what the problem was. They cared a lot about Neo. They had always seen him as the helpless little animal they had found, even though he wasn’t so little anymore.

No solution in sight

As time went on, Neo and his owner were getting closer and closer. However, the affection the dog had developed was somewhat obsessive. Neo became incredibly protective and, although they had worked hard on his behavior, nothing seemed to have worked. They watched videos and read training books. They tried many tactics, but his behavior had not improved at all.

Nunca sospechó que estaba arriesgando su vida al rescatar a un cachorro abandonado

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