He never suspected he was risking his life by rescuing an abandoned puppy


An athletic animal

The animal had already gotten to a good size and was very strong, so he had no respect for the backyard fencing. He jumped over the fence without much effort whenever he wanted to. The family did not expect the dog to be a real athlete and it took them by surprise on the first few occasions.

The perfect name

His incredible strength and agility were some of the reasons the family named the animal Neo, after the main character in the movie ‘The Matrix’. In that movie, Neo could defy the laws of the universe and the world became his playground. With Neo the dog something similar happened. He certainly wasn’t afraid to do what he wanted. Neo in the movie behaved like a superior species to humans and Neo, the pet, behaved as if he was a more advanced species in many ways than a traditional dog.

Nunca sospechó que estaba arriesgando su vida al rescatar a un cachorro abandonado

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